SPM Dominoes - Colour Dots (SPM 160)

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This simple but yet interesting game is suitable for the very young to the old. Although the game plays in a simple way, there are many tricks to be learned to win a game.


This set is light and compact to bring on holiday trips for a fun time in play. The colourful dots corresponding to certain numeral enables young children to play by matching similar colours even though they do not know to count yet.



  • Suitable for ages 7 years old & above.
  • Helpful for children with numbers having unique coloured dots
  • Stylish domino tiles with engraved motif backing
  • Compact packing for lighter weight and easier portability
  • Classic games for the whole family to play
What's in the box
  • 28x dominoe pieces
  • 1x instruction manual (printed on cover)


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