Congkak - Foldable multi colour (SPM 109)

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  • A game that improves mental calculations, strategy and patience
  • Standard 16 hole edition, similar to the traditional congkak for experienced players and veterans
  • Foldable congkak body for easier storage and portability
  • Made with colorful and durable quality plastic that is washable
  • Included with a bag of 110 pieces of colorful plastic seeds
  • Suitable for ages 7 years old & above

This SPM Congkak is a light weight, colourful, hygienic and even foldable product. It is also washable with soap and water as it is made of quality plastic. There are various congkak lengths (which corresponds to different number of holes on the congkak) made possible by patented design components that interlocks each other.

Congkak is a great game for children to unconsciously learn counting and quantity estimation. For younger children, it helps to train and refine their motor skills. A great past time game that has been around for ages and will be around for the future.

This congkak is a 16 holes edition, similar to the traditional congkak. It can be folded to make it compact and easier to store away. It has a multi coloured body.

What's in the box
  • 1x foldable congkak board
  • 1x Set of colourful seeds¬†
  • 1x Instruction manual
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