SPM Vocable - English (SPM 166)

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VOCABLE ™ is Malaysia’s first original homegrown crossword board game brand that plays in English and comparable to the brand Scrabble ®. It is the first to introduce the ‘QU’ lettered tile.

This innovative English crossword board game was created with many ‘ground breaking’ educational features. One of which is the ‘QU’ lettered tile. Obviously forming a word starting with ‘Q’ always need a ‘U’ following it, thus this lettered tile was introduced. Also, the playing board is compose of a 17 X 17 cross squares which helps making longer words possible.


This edition is commonly most sought after as the first-timer English crossword board game for its quality and reasonable price.


VOCABLE ™ has been known to help increase one’s vocabulary bank whilst improve spelling too. Playing it at home or in school occasionally reap many educational benefits apart from just fun.


Suitable for ages 7 years old & above.


What's in the box

1x playing board

1x set of lettered tiles in a bag

4x plastic racks

1x instruction manual

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