SPM Sahibba Kanak-Kanak (SPM 204)

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This is the SAHIBBA Kanak-Kanak 2019 version. Designed around the story of 'The Adventures of Alif &Wany', it appeals to children age 5 and above. This children word game plays in the Bahasa Malaysia language. In this new version, we have added more fun and learning features into the game play by introducing flash cards and a story book, apart from just our classic two pieces of playing boards.


By having to play from level 1 to 3, children get to also learn spelling, cognitive skills and problem solving. As this is a word game, they will definitely improve their vocabulary bank and at the same time improve social interaction skills by playing with others. The colourfully illustrated storybook of 'The Adventures of Alif & Wany' is a good read for early readers as it teaches 3 important  moral values too.

Parents are encourage to participate in the game play as they can guide their children to learn new words faster and master their abc's.


  • New and improved 2019 version
  • Comes with a colourful storybook
  • This edition is designed specifically for children
  • Improves child's vocabulary and speed up learning process
  • Parental guidance recommended for faster learning
  • Suitable for ages 5 years old & above


What's in the box
  • 2x Playing boards
  • 1x Set of lettered tiles
  • 1x Story book
  • 12x Flash cards
  • 1x Instruction manual (Bahasa Malaysia)
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