SPM Saidina Kids PlayDay (SPM 20)

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SAIDINA Kids PlayDay, the first ever SAIDINA designed for children age 5 above. Children will love this set as they play with Pipo, Ciko, Tigo & Hiro around playthings found in a playground. They will easily identify these playthings especially when it is so fun zooming down a slide, twirling around a merry-go--round and going up down on a swing. Getting to buy and own your favorite plaything in this game will be a thrill too.


It is not just 'fun all the way' but children  will also learn basic maths, usage of money notes, good moral values and learn right time to save or spend money. Playing with their BFF just gets better because it builds social interaction skills as well. 



  • Builds great social interaction skills among kids
  • Helps kids to learn more about spending and saving money
  • Suitable for ages 5 years old & above
What's in the box
  • 1x Set of Saidina money notes
  • 1x Set of surprise cards
  • 4x Game tokens + character stickers
  • 1x Dice
  • 8x Rest benches
  • 24x Cone markers for various color
  • 1x Instruction manual



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